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What s4 has become

skip to the 12 minute, its the important bit. but feel free to watch the whole video. in this video ill talk about how i found s4, when i did. i will introduce s4 league essentially to the new comers. Share this video btw, so the developer team of s4 league or buffele can listen to what we say.
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Welcome on s4
Litery began 2 cry at the end :(
i need more of this content
Yep, s4 leg es fakin ded bro (but was a good game, Honor to neowiz/pentavision but is time to say bye)
Dude you know im crying right now. I have been playing this game since i was 6 really 6!!!(ya i know about the PG rating) with so many accounts I cant even count.Now I realy miss this game pls someone make a remake of this game ITS FKING LEGENDARY!!!!
Fiaresu the best thing is remove room names :)
I think they watched your video..servers are down
lol all of this is True af - especially that 6 year old inter-server whisper bug haha
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