Server is online.
Players online: 1,213
Last update: 21:48
Level: 80 Level: 69
Touchdown Rate: 61.3
Kill/Death Rate: 1.6
Playtime: 5,039 Hours
263,800 / 263,800 322,846 / 861,320
100% 37%
EXP overall: 14,815,126 | Per hour: 2,940
Matches: 21,915 | Win Rate: 55.4%
- Won: 12,142
- Lost: 9,773
Last Online: 13 days ago
Last Name Change: 186 days ago.
Favorited 20 times.
Last update 03/01/18.
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Level History
06.03.2015 - now
Level 80 for 1,080 days
Clan History
Clanless for 0 days
14,815,126 EXP
Rank: Coming Soon!
61.3 Touchdown Rate
Rank: Coming Soon!
209D 23H 53M
Rank: Coming Soon!
1.6 Kill/Death Rate
Rank: Coming Soon!
2,940 EXP/h
Rank: Coming Soon!
Rank: Coming Soon!
TD Score: 61.3
DM Score: 18
Chaser Survivability: 67%
BR Score: 16.9
Captain Score: 16.1
Siege Score: 10.3
Arena Score: 86.3
TD Score: 61.3
Win Percentage: 56%
TD Points Score: 34
TD Total Success: 64,055
Defense Score: 5.2
Offense Score: 15.2
Kill Score: 6.9
Recovery Score: 0
DM Score: 18
Win Percentage: 46.6%
DM Kill / Death: 62.1% (1.6)
Kill Score: 16.4
Kill Assist Score: 1.6
Recovery Score: 0
Survival Probability: 67%
Kill Probability: 17.9%
Kills: 0.3
BR Score: 16.9
First Place Kills: 703
First Place Times: 151
Captain Score: 16.1
Captain Kills: 172
Domination: 193
Siege Score: 10.3
Win Percentage: 55.8%
Capture Score: 3.9
Battle Score: 6.4
Main Core Capture Score: 0.4
Item Obtain Score: 8.1
Arena Score: 86.3
Win Percentage: 40%
Kills / Deaths: 65.3% (1.9)
Double-Kill Rate: 200%
Triple-Kill Rate: 140%
Shortest Kill Time: 0s
Leader Showdowns: 8
Leader Kills: 50
Age: 19
Hobby: Loving Ysu ❤️
Work: Student
Expertise: Legend
Started: Oct 2011
Dear Bubu ..

I didn't know the real meaning of cuteness till I met you..!

Meeting you was one of the best things that has ever happened to me!

We've had so much fun and good times since we met..

We've also been though bad and hard times ..

But.. , No matter what happens ..

Will be always there for you.. 👫♥

Do you ever realize how amazing you are to me?😍

I adore you. ❤️
Gender: Male
Name: Idol (Head)
Enchant Level: 12
Rifle Defense(Head)+15%
Guns Weapon Defense (Head)+15%
Heavy Guns Weapon Defense (Head)+15%
3Lv. EXP(Death Match only)+10%
2Lv. EXP(Touch Down only)+6%
1Lv. EXP(Chaser Mode only)+3%
3Lv. EXP(Captain Mode only)+10%
3Lv. EXP(Siege Mode only)+10%
Name: Phoenix face (Face)
Enchant Level: 11
2Lv. PEN+4%
1Lv. PEN(Death Match only)+3%
1Lv. PEN(Touch Down only)+3%
2Lv. PEN(Chaser Mode only)+6%
2Lv. PEN(Battle Royal only)+6%
1Lv. PEN(Captain Mode only)+3%
2Lv. PEN(Siege Mode only)+6%
Name: Sixpack ABS (Jacket)
Enchant Level: 13
Random Crit Power +5%
Random ATK +0~5%
2Lv. Melee Weapon Defense+2%
2Lv. Guns Defense+2%
2Lv. Heavy gun Defense+2%
2Lv. Snipe Defense+2%
1Lv. Stationary Weapon Defense+1%
2Lv. Mental Weapon Defense+2%
2Lv. Attack(Below 10% HP)+2%
Name: Gentle Hearts Pants (Pants)
Enchant Level: 10
HP +7
SP +3
1Lv. Defense(Death Match only)+1%
2Lv. Defense(Touch Down only)+2%
1Lv. Defense(Arcade only)+1%
1Lv. Defense(Battle Royal only)+1%
1Lv. Defense(Captain Mode only)+1%
1Lv. Defense(Siege Mode only)+1%
4Lv. Defense(Below 10% HP)+4%
Name: Gentle Hearts Gloves (Gloves)
Enchant Level: 12
ATK +3%
Random Crit Chance +2
2Lv. Recovery by Heal+6%
5Lv. Random Critical Rate+30%
1Lv. Random Critical Probability+1%
1Lv. Damage Revised by the distance+4%
2Lv. Knockback Distance+6%
1Lv. Stun Time+2%
2Lv. Blow +6%
Name: Blue Ocean Swimsuit Sandals (Shoes)
Enchant Level: 13
HP +3
Random Crit Power +3%
Random Crit Chance +2
2Lv. Movement Speed+2%
1Lv. Stun Time Reduce+2%
3Lv. Wall Jump SP Reduce 6%
1Lv. Evade SP Reduce 2%
2Lv. Invincible Time(Respawn)+6%
3Lv. Blow Reduce 6%
1Lv. Knockback Distance Reduce 2%
Name: Stadium boy headset (Accessoires)
Enchant Level: 7
1Lv. Metallic Reflect Damage+2%
3Lv. anchoring SP Reduce 6%
1Lv. Flying SP Reduce 2%
3Lv. Invisible SP Reduce 6%
1Lv. Bind SP Reduce 2%
Name: Stormbat Rabbit (Pets)
Enchant Level: 8
Move Speed +2%
EXP +2%
2Lv. SP Recover+2%
1Lv. Chaser Attack+1%
3Lv. Fast Seige +13%
2Lv. Get 10 EXP by Killing Enemy 10%
Name: Taser Sword
Enchant Level: 12
Movement Speed+3%
1Lv. Random Attack+0~1%
2Lv. Attack(Death Match only)+2%
4Lv. Attack(Touch Down only)+4%
1Lv. Attack(Arcade only)+1%
1Lv. Attack(Chaser Mode only)+1%
1Lv. Attack(Siege Mode only)+1%
2Lv. Object Attack+4%
Name: Bloody Spy Dagger
Enchant Level: 7
Movement Speed+3%
1Lv. Random Attack+0~1%
1Lv. Attack(Death Match only)+1%
4Lv. Attack(Touch Down only)+4%
2Lv. Defense Piercing +2%
Name: Crow Counter Sword
Enchant Level: 17
Movement Speed+3%
2Lv. Random Attack+0~2%
1Lv. Attack(Death Match only)+1%
4Lv. Attack(Touch Down only)+4%
2Lv. Attack(Arcade only)+2%
1Lv. Attack(Captain Mode only)+1%
1Lv. Attack(Siege Mode only)+1%
3Lv. Object Attack+6%
4Lv. Defense Piercing +4%
Name: Skill Mastery
*Aono - S4DB