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Buffele 08/08/15

One more thing...

Hey y'all,

We felt like we did a good job with S4DB's news-feed. We also see that you highly enjoy commenting on others' profiles.
But there was one more thing missing. The personality!
Every (social-)network out there has something which makes you unique. Even S4: Your character outfit makes you quite unique.
S4DB only had level icons. How many S4's are out there? (Find out, post it on Kurtextrem's page. You'll get a cookie!)

This is why we're adding the avatar feature. Express yourself!

Here is a guide how you can set your avatar:
- If you don't have an avatar yet (we assume so!), click on your level icon on the top right
- Select "Settings" next to "Player"
- Go to the "Personal" tab
- Click "pick"

Now you have different options:
- Upload from your pc
- Use your profile picture from Facebook*
- Use Gravatar**
- Give us a picture url

Note: GIFs and transparency are not (yet) supported!
* Regarding Facebook: Logging in through the S4DB Facebook app doesn't give us the permission to post with your name. We also don't see your friendlist or ANY other details. We only receive your publicly available profile picture.
** You can sign up for Gravatar here.

Found a great pic?
Press "Save" and then "Submit" (on the bottom of the page).

If you don't like your avatar anymore, just press "Remove", on the right of "Pick".

This is all for now,
see you next time!

- S4DB Team

Avatars! - S4DB