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Clan Verification, Custom Clan Marks
Buffele 04/06/15

We've readded the clan verifications.
Also it's possible now to upload custom clan marks!

S4DB v2.3.1 contains a lot of hot new features and a bunch of bug fixes. Firstly we've readded the clan verification feature. Furthermore clanmasters are now able to upload custom clan marks on S4DB to present them on their clanpage. We're tired of the red P Clanmarks.

Full Changelog:
- Clan Verification readded
- Verified Clans can now upload custom clanmarks
- Player Search Advanced: Search by Level
- Autologin after successful registration
- Shoutbox v3: Country flags fixed
- Server Last Update bug fixed
- Messages: Empty message design adjusted
- Clan View: Memberhistory added
- Player View: Win Rate added
- Comments refactored
- Name Changes can now be shown
- Fame / Hate bugfixed
- Favorite bugfixed
- Player Settings: Don't send favicon
- Server View shows now state via colored background row
- Player Ranking Bug fixed
- Player View Old Levels added
- Standalone Shoutbox: Text input width Bug fixed
- More flags added
- Player Ranking hide Staff
- Server Online Status fixed

Clan Verification, Custom Clan Marks - S4DB