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Important Notice about the S4DB Event
Buffele 18/02/17, 13:07
Due to recent inconveniences, the S4DB team decided to make the winners of the daily events, also the winners of the big prizes (at the end of the event) confidential, the winners will receive a message on S4DB regarding their prizes and everything, whereas for the spotlight & shoutbox colors, the winner can decide whether to be shown on the spotlight, or not, so please make sure to check your inbox here!

We don't hide anything from our members so we will make the reason public, it seems that there is a blacklisting going on again on S4League, and we don't want our users to experience any troubles because of this event, so, if you have an account not in use & verified here, you shall be placed on the Spotlight & also use the Shoutbox color, but if you're using an active account, we suggest you don't, it's up to you, we just want the best for the community.

We apologize for this inconvenience but the Event goes on, keep the hunting on S4DB-ers!

Note: If you don't want to get your prizes yet, we will note this down and you can get the prize anytime in the future when the blacklist issue is fixed.

Also, don't get disappointed if you didn't have time to participate in this Event, more to come, more prizes, more hunting. Have a great day!
Important Notice about the S4DB Event - S4DB