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New Chatsystem on S4DB - Beta
Buffele 08/07/16

Communications amongst S4 League players have been brought to a new level!

About 3 years ago I developed a little chat as an extension for S4DB. It was a dedicated page and thus not on S4DB itself. That is why I took it down again, and gained a lot of experience throughout the years to make it even better.

Today, after 4 weeks of work I have finally managed to create a chat system for S4DB, which I really like. First of all, I must say this is still a beta, so if you see a bug feel free to report it to me so that I can fix it as soon as possible. I’d also like to thank all the closed beta testers who helped me chasing a lot of bugs before releasing the open beta and also gave me some helpful suggestions on how to further improve it.

What you’ll see first is the sidebar. Well, it also depends on your screen size, of course. On large screens you’ll see it completely enlarged on the right part of your window; on smaller ones or on mobile devices, you’ll probably just the minimized version of it, which - of course - can be opened up. From there you can start exploring all those who are currently online on S4DB. If you click on somebody, a chat window will appear, allowing you to message with that person real-time. There’s also a “typing” and “seen” indicator! Last but not least, you’ll be able to change the color of the chat window: note that both of you will see the changes in the color.

“I’m scared someone might be annoying me!”
Don’t worry, we got you covered. We implemented a block system in order to block whoever you wish. We care about your privacy.

We’ve also added the possibility to create group chats. The current limit for it is set to 100 people for each group. If you think you need more, message me, and we’ll discuss about it. The creator of the group will be the “group admin”. He can add or kick people. Also, he can set moderator privileges to whoever he wishes. Each moderator will also be allowed to kick people. Admins and moderators are the only ones allowed to change the group name or the color of the chat window.

There are lots of new features planned, so stay tuned! We hope you enjoy this new chat system and have a lot of fun with it.

You want to give me feedback, report a bug, or just ask a question? Send me a message on the new chat!

Note: The new chat system is NOT meant as a form of support. Please, keep on using the message system for that. Thanks.


New Chatsystem on S4DB - Beta - S4DB