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Buffele 17/06/16, 21:30
We think we need to clear a few things up…

Quite a few things have been happening in these past few weeks. As such, we felt it necessary to clarify a few things to everyone a little more formally. While this may be a little delayed, hopefully this will shed some light on a few questions and issues people may be having as of late.


As everyone knows, there is a website that states that I, the creator of S4DB, am managing a kickbot to crash the S4 League servers. This is just a dubious rumor with quite a bit of comical value to it. I am not the cause of this and I never will be. S4DB runs with no ads or donations and I pay for the expenses out of my own pocket. This site stands as a harmless fan site of optional use. Any issues they have with it is their own. With no players, there is no S4 League, and there would be no S4DB. They failed to understand this when they created their cult rumors with plenty of “evidence”. The rumor is illogical and poorly thought out, and hopefully all of you can agree with me on that.

Volke shall be addressing the rest of this announcement.


We really need to talk about this; like really talk about this. Currently, we are trying to transition the community towards something more pleasant. I won’t cut corners; we’re really sick of the drama that happens. We are cracking down and whether you receive a warning will vary greatly. I ask people to please, at least try to be pleasant with each other publically, take it to PMs, take it off the site, etc. But no one listens. Ever. And a lot of people commonly repeat offenses and quite frankly it is just generally unpleasant. We are ending this nonsense. We are all adults, and understand that when you log into your account you agree to behave or accept the consequences. You are ultimately responsible for the actions you commit. This site is a privilege to be a part of for all of us, not a right. If you are unhappy with the conditions you can message one of the moderators or Buffele or just not log in if you are so against the direction of this website. We aren’t a toilet, so please don’t stuff your crap onto us… All I ask is that you guys please, take this seriously. Even I don’t like seeing everyone argue all the time. It’s getting out of control.

Updating Terms

After posting the original rules for the site, I received a mild amount of feedback, new ideas, complaints, etc. I’ll be changing a few rules; some being more or less strict. I’m also adding a few to what we currently have.
Warnings and Bans
So clearly this is flawed. I was focusing on quantity over quality for punishments and it was rather foolish of me. I will be changing this accordingly in the future, and it probably won’t be announced like this. For the time being, if we encounter something severe, we will be discussing it amongst the staff for a fair and just punishment for what may occur. Hopefully it won’t come to this.
I’m going to stress this one quite a bit. When you receive a report from an administrator don’t post it on the Newsfeed…it doesn’t serve a purpose. If you have an issue with it, message the moderator back or ask Buffele about it because it is seriously that much easier. We want confidentiality among users and posting it asking “WHY DID THIS HAPPEN” on the Newsfeed won’t be addressed. We won’t be making official announcements with Newsfeed, and you shouldn’t be asking about warnings or bans with Newsfeed as well. Seriously guys. If you have problems with us, PM it to us. Always. If you’re reporting, complaining about us, whatever it might be don’t make a Newsfeed post. It will be ignored and/or deleted. It does nothing but cause arguments.
Explicit Material
I realize now there was a contradiction with this rule and the general addressing of profiles. In regards to posting things on people’s profiles, you can post almost whatever you like as long as you use the HIDE function when posting things on profiles (Think of it as your little NSFW function). It is a person to person way of communication, so I’m not going to chastise things like that anymore. However, if it is literally pornography (Seriously…why would you post a picture of two dudes doing that anywhere?) or something gruesomely offensive (I’ve seen some messed up things on here), we won’t meddle with it. Go nuts.
“EZPZ” / ”Tooler” / “Hacker” Posts
This is a simple clarification that hopefully will clear up some misconceptions with it. We only focus on posts that target other users. If you’re posting something that isn’t exactly directed towards anyone in particular, then it probably won’t be bothered with. Seriously getting sick of seeing these things though…


There are couple plans for the site. And while you may or may not see them for quite a bit, they are just a few things that may come to fruition at a later date. Buffele is always working hard to optimize this site for convenience and general enjoyment for everyone.
Report Function
Most people don’t report out of inconvenience. We require evidence, and we know it’s tedious to screenshot everything. The idea is to allow you to report certain posts, comments, etc. We will then receive a notification of the report and be able to view who, where, when and why. However, this will take some time to implement.
Ban Appealing
Clearly we have a contradiction in the concept of banning people and not allowing you to evade bans. I know. It’s annoying, it’s stupid, whatever. Unfortunately, we can’t budge on this. For now, until we implement a proper system, create an unverified account and PM one of the moderators and include your name and as much information as possible. We are still working on a proper way for this one to be handled.
Staff Members
So yeah. We’re short staffed. If you wonder “Why is this post still here?” it is because we haven’t gotten to the site yet. Everyone has responsibilities and obligations so of course there will be instances where there is little presence. Will we be attempting to hire more help? Maybe. Is it a priority? Not an immediate one.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Buffele or Volke.

S4DB Team
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