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Population: High
Last update: 15:54


Members: 48
Average Level: 54
Hive Mind
Average Touchdown Rate: 60.3
Average Kill/Death Rate: 1.1
Average Playtime: 848 Hours
Announcement: 🐝Inactive🐝
Description: Hive Mind Family | The clan is expected to be inactive long term due to lack of interest in the game.
Club Points: 6,000 | Ladder Points: 21 | Class: C
Activity Area: EU
Activity Purpose: ClanBattle
Creation Date: 2013-10-27 22:03:25
Matches: 6 | Won: 3 | Lost: 3
Clan was added to Database 1,858 days ago.
Favorited 114 times.
Last update 03/22/19.
Master 1 Staff 3 Members 108
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Private Clan
Expertise: Legend
Level: 1+
Age: Unknown
Nationality: United States

Clans are retired and no longer opened to the public.
No longer competitive.
No more recruitment.
Clan Leader: Vortex
For business purposes discord @ Void#2280
Hive Mind - S4DB