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Announcement: Rebuilding
Description: OS
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Activity Area: Germany
Activity Purpose: Fellowship
Creation Date: 2011-01-06 03:35:59
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Competitive Clan
Expertise: Legend
Level: 80+
Age: 18+
Nationality: Mixed

The cycle of life and death continues. We will live; they will die

We got nothing to lose
cuz we fought and felt the bruise
now we are not the one confused
call the shots and they produce

We ain't lost we are finally loose
pick a noose over excuse
We need the views to boost us to
a new abuse of being used

everybody wants a piece now
y'all can rest in piece now
your dead to me so peace out
remember your discrete doubt

get ready for defeat now
We gon make you bleed out
listen on repeat now
and weed out all the weak now

if you got something to say
speak your mind before your grave
cuz your life is yours to save

be a legend not a myth
DivineDamage - S4DB