Server is online.
Population: High
Last update: 19:27


Members: 18
Average Level: 53
Average Touchdown Rate: 51.8
Average Kill/Death Rate: 1.1
Average Playtime: 289 Hours
Club Points: 0 | Ladder Points: 0 | Class: C
Competitive Clan
Expertise: Legend
Level: 40+
Age: 18+
Nationality: Mexico
[email protected] part of the Diversity Organisation. All rights belong to -Icb.Nitro and its representatives.

The clan is currently divided into a gun and a sword section.
The recruitment is closed for now since the clan is full and there were threats regarding the recruitment.

If you would like to join our clan, please mind that you have to meet at least 3 requirements.

1st Being able to
speak and understand
spoken spanish

2nd Being able to use

3rd Passing our testmatch.

If you want to sign up for a testmatch contact
-Sg.Durex or -Sg.Nitro in order to get registered for a date.
Testmatches are usually held on tuesdays and thursdays 8:00 pm cest +1.

For complaints regarding our clanmembers or any further questions regarding the clan, please contact -Sg.Tato
[email protected] - S4DB