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Buffele Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Having started to play S4 League in 2009, Buffele does not only have a great experience in the game, but also in regards of programming and web development. With these two core qualities he managed it to build up S4 League’s largest Fansite “S4DB” (S4 League DataBase) from scratch. After he began working on the project in 2011 it soon became very popular among the players because of its excellent player and clan statistics which cannot be found equally anywhere else on the Internet. In his function as the CEO of S4DB he is responsible for developing the page with the support of his team and maintaining the servers.
Beffel Director of Design and User Experience
Beffel is S4DB’s creative genius. When he firstly came in touch with Buffele in 2012, Beffel quickly recognized the great potential of the young programmer and his idea. Until today he supports the S4DB team by designing the layout and the unique graphics for the sites. In addition to his graphical skills he also has a great feeling in all decisions that concern the general user experience which makes him indispensable when it comes to updates or patches of the site.
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