S4DB is down now

I have closed S4DB now.

AeriaGames told me that it's too expensive for them to support and to provide an API for S4DB.

Update on the current situation of S4DB (26.01.2015)

I know that the following is unexpected:

I've been in contact with GM Mugen again today and we've discussed the possibilites of the future of S4DB.
We will try to push the completion of the API for the last time. If it works and S4DB gets the API, the service will be 100% restored.
But if that doesn't work we'll continue as expected. I will delay the shutdown of S4DB and wait for his updates on the progress.

Remember: I WILL NOT shutdown S4DB on the 31.01.2015. However I will shutdown it soon, if there is no progress on the API development.

I will cancel S4DB

I'm extremely dissatisfied with the current situation. That's why I will cancel S4DB. It will be completly shutdown in 7 days (31.01.2015).
I'll just let it online for you these last days.

Long Story:
The movement to Aeria Games Europe didn't go well, as expected. To be honest I hate it how they handle their business. There is nothing professional. Everything suffers there. The servers lagging like hell. Like always. A delay with about 10 seconds is almost always there. I've been waiting 200 days to get a -simple- API from them. Why simple? Because it takes 1 developer day to build it. And yes, I know what I'm talking about. They always said they are working on it. 200 days already. Always the same. I have never seen anything, sadly. The last information I got was: "We lowered the task priority." Like what? To 1,000 days? Well done. I can't work with a company like that. It just annoys me and makes me mad. Every single day. I almost lost all my visitors. And yes, the S4DB / S4 League community was big.

Maybe that little statistics will show you:
  • Unique Users: 502,651
  • Unique Page Views: 12,665,166
  • Average Session Duration: 08:18 Minutes
  • Peak Page Views / Day: 81,252

Or view the image below (Click on it to enlarge the image):

That's the reason why I will close S4DB. I don't expect anything from Aeria Games. They just don't care about it. No instant money for them like the AP Shop on their website.

On the opposite S4DB had also very nice times. I started with it 4 years ago. At the age of 15. I learned developing by myself. No help from anyone. With it I gained a lot of experience. It also helped me for my business future. Yes, that's no joke. Also there were very nice times when everything went well. And the community was very big. The release of S4DB2 was also a really nice moment for me. Everyone just discovered it. After lot of hard work and everyone is exploring your site. That's a really nice feeling. Pushing new updates was also really nice. Everyone was able to use it instantly. No delay. New updates / fixes landed almost everyday. I really loved developing S4DB. And I would love it today, too. If it weren't outdated and there would be a nice company who publishes S4 League.

Special thanks goes out to the following people:
  • Beffel - Director of Design and User Experience
  • Kurtextrem - Have been always there when I needed help
  • Shorty - PR and Localization Manager
  • Vaga - Helped me getting the outdated Clans fixed
  • Netrunner - Helped me starting with S4DB and gave me access to the API
  • And of course thanks to all people who used and shared S4DB in early times and until now

I really enjoyed this journey with all of you and I will really miss it. But everything ends. Wish you all the best luck.